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1. How to identify a 'Good' saree ?

      As a lot of skill and knowledge is required to identify a good quality saree and the material (quality of sik, and precious metals like gold and silver used in the jari just by visual inspection of the saree we recommend the customers to identify a good and reputed show-room itself. An experienced buyer over time will be able to distinguish between the various types and quality sarees. Another option is to look for Co-Op Society outlets where there is a strict control during manufacture and sales.


2.  What is a Co-Operative society ?

      Co-Operative is derived out of the term Co-Operation, and co-operation is the back bone of our country’s cottage industry. It is a group of people investing in the form of shares to conduct a common business and a committee is formed to run the same and when such groups are registered under a name. It is then controlled by an officer appointed by the Co-Op department of the state and thus eligible for several beneficiary schemes of the government. Co-existence of the common people and also the Government body.


3. How does it work at the manufacturing level ?

    • Such sarees after thorough verification and evaluation by the Co-Op Society the MRP is fixed as per the norms given by the Co-Op department.

    • Then the sarees are given to the sales section in the Head Office and also the Branches to be sold directly to consumers without involving any other middle men.

    • Strict Quality control to retain the up teem reputation as a heritage.

    • The Co-Op Society also conducts periodical exhibitions and sales to promote the co-op products and reach a strong customer base.


4. Different Types of Jari

    •  Pure Jari

    • Copper Jari

    • Synthetic Jari


5. Comparision between Powerloom & Handloom Sarees


                Powerloom SareesHandloom Sarees
Making Machine Made Hand made
Duration 7 - 24 Hrs per Saree 7 - 45 Days per Saree
Cost Wage component minimal Wage component very high


Less weight (lighter and delicate)  Heavy
Durability  Moderate (few years)

Longer Durability
(10's of years. The high end expensive sarees are many a times passed on for generations)

Jari Copper Jari (Silver Jari cannot be used) Silver Jari

Copper Jari

Price Range

₹ 2,500/- to 5,000/-

Silver Jari - ₹ 5,000/- to 45,000/- or more

Copper Jari - ₹ 2,500/- to 13,000/-

Discount No Rebate Available Rebate Structure of

10% + 5% + ₹ 200/-
Realization Value

Realisation value
(after years of usage)

NIL Silver (and Gold used for plating) can be recovered


 7. How to locate a genuine Co-Op Society Outlet ?

    • Look for the “Co-Op” symbol not just “Co”

    • Look for the Registration Number. Every "Registered Society" will be given a "Registration Number".


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